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Construction zones are inherently dangerous – for construction workers and motorists alike. Workers in construction zones often operate heavy machinery, use dangerous tools and handle hazardous materials. In addition, motorists often fail to follow posted speed limit signs in constructions zones, placing the lives of road workers in danger. In such chaotic environments, it is no surprise that serious injuries and fatalities can and do occur every day.

Each year, there are over 40,000 reported injuries and over 700 fatalities as the result of construction zone accidents. Most of these accidents are preventable, however, when workers adhere to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and remain mindful of the potential dangers that exist. Construction zone accidents may be caused by a variety of different hazards, including:

  • Improperly marked construction zones

  • Gravel or other objects on the road surface

  • Toxic or hazardous chemical spills

  • Unmarked changes in road surfaces

  • Heavy equipment malfunction

  • Excavation cave-ins

  • Failure to follow OSHA safety precautions

Construction zone accidents often result in serious injuries, such as brain injuries, partial or total paralysis, burn injuries, loss of limbs, and permanent physical scarring. These injuries may require prolonged medical care, painful surgeries, and rehabilitative therapy for years to come. The worst construction zone accidents result in death, leaving family members to deal not only with the tragic loss of a loved one, but also with the loss of the deceased's income and mounting household debts.

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