Police Seek Man in Shooting Death of Toddler

The death of a child shocks everyone- the family, friends, neighborhood and community. When a child gets shot, people get sad, angry, confused and they seek answers.

An article from CBS St. Louis on August 25 reported about a toddler who was fatally shot on Utica in St. Louis. They reported that, although an arrest had been made and the mother of the child was being questioned, it was believed the shooting was accidental. They said the boy may have picked up the loaded handgun and shot himself.

An updated article from CBS St. Louis reports that police are seeking a person of interest in connection with the shooting of the toddler. St. Louis County police are looking for Corey Epps, wanting to speak with him about the shooting of 21-month old Carter Epps. The shooting occurred in the home of Carter’s grandmother. Police cannot confirm the relation between Corey and Carter and have not said why they want to question him. One person has been arrested in this case, but charges have not yet been filed.

A wrongful death is when one person dies because of the misconduct of another. This case aside, children and toddlers don’t know how to use a gun.  Who decides if it was misconduct or carelessness?

If someone you know has died because of the misconduct of another, let your St. Louis wrongful death attorneys help you today!

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Sara Lee Recalls Bread due to Broken Glass

As a consumer. you have a reasonable expectation for a product to be safe for you and your family. When the manufacturer of that product issues a recall, it can cause you to almost panic, wondering if your family was in potential danger because of a mistake made.

KSDK reports that Sara Lee, the popular maker of many brands of bread and other baked products, has recalled certain bread products after small pieces of glass were found on the outside of the bread by consumers. The recall, issued on August 26 by Bimbo Bakeries USA, said that fragments of glass from a broken light bulb at one of their bakeries contaminated some of the bread products. While no injuries were reported, consumers who bought bread within the recall, which effected 11 states, can return it for a full refund.

Product liability laws are in place to hold a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer responsible for injuries from that product. Every year, defective products cause 29.4 million injuries and 21,400 deaths. In the United States, it is estimated that $700 billion a year is spent on injuries, deaths and property damage caused from consumer property incidents. Almost every product available is subject to product liability laws.

Consumers deal with products every day, even while sleeping. When you get injured from a defective product, know where to go. Call your St. Louis defective products attorneys to help you!

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Woman Killed By Runaway Truck

When you’re out with your family and are enjoying the evening, you can’t always prepare for what might come. Accidents happen all the time and some of those accidents occur because of someone else’s negligence.

An article on KSDK tells about an accident that happened Thursday evening in Emerson, GA. Police said that a man, his wife and children were traveling home in their Toyota Tundra on Highway 41 when a runaway semi truck slammed into their vehicle. The mother was killed on impact. The father was taken to a local hospital with non- life threatening injuries and the children were taken to a children’s hospital where they are in stable condition, but are expected to survive. The father said he didn’t see the truck rolling until it hit them.

The driver of the semi truck is a 52 year old man from New York who was doing a safety inspection on his truck at the time of the incident. He forgot to put the parking brake on the truck, which caused his truck to roll, though, he was not inside it. Upon performing a field sobriety test, responding officers found the driver to be under the influence; they suspect drugs, not alcohol. They later charged him with multiple charges.

Something like this can happen to you, right here in St. Louis. If it does let your St. Louis truck accident attorneys help you.

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Woman Pays the Ultimate Price for Beauty

In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure placed on women to be the best looking, the thinnest, or to have the nicest body. There is a billion dollar industry with trained, certified professionals who will give women almost anything they ask for to improve their bodies. However, some women seek services from a non-professional, which can have devastating results.

This was the case for Daysha Phillips, a 22 year old Edmundson woman. Phillips went to the Drury Inn on July 26 to receive buttocks enhancing injections in a “black market” procedure. Shortly after getting home following the procedure, Phillips had difficulty breathing. She was taken to the hospital, where she was declared brain dead and taken off life support. While police are waiting for the medical examiner’s report, Edmundson police chief said they are trying to identify the person or people who gave Phillips the injections. He is confident the medical examiner will rule it a homicide.

Experts say that black market procedures can contain industrial grade silicone and glue that the person who performs them can purchase from a hardware store. If injected, these substances can get into the lungs leading to death. Anything foreign injected into the body can cause complications and travels through blood vessels, potentially causing clotting.

If you know someone who has died because of someone else’s wrongdoing, let your St. Louis wrongful death attorneys help you today.

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Aluminum Plant Explosion Injures Some Employees

Millions of people go to work everyday. They get in a routine, doing the ‘daily grind’. Some don’t know how to handle getting injured at work and when something big happens, it can be shocking.

KSDK reports about an explosion at the Noranda Aluminum plan in New Madrid County near Marston, south of St. Louis. The explosion occurred on Tuesday afternoon, creating smoke that could be seen for miles. A spokesman for Noranda said that all the workers have been accounted for. While there were no life-threatening injuries, some people suffered from abrasions, dust irritation and smoke inhalation. One person was taken to the hospital to be treated. The explosion happened in the cast house section of the plant. Here, they produce extrusion billet, which is a length of metal with a cylindrical shape. The explosion is under investigation.

There are millions of non fatal injuries at work every year. There are many ways you can get injured at work. Some common ways are:

  • Overexertion
  • Being struck by an object
  • Falls either from a level surface or from heights
  • Exposure to toxic or harmful substances
  • Fires or explosions
  • Assaults or violent crimes
  • Repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel

This list is not a complete list. If you or a loved one has had any kind of injury while at work, contact your St. Louis workplace injury attorneys for help today!

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Four Children Die in Fire

The death of a child is hard on everyone- the parents, family, friends and community. It’s hard to know how to deal with the death and then how to move on from that. When you are mourning four children, the grief can be exponentially.

The St. Louis Post- Dispatch reported about a fire late Tuesday in Osage Beach that killed four children. The children, ages 2, 2, 4 and 5, were believed to have been related. The adult male who was with them in the condo was able to get out and tried to go back for the children, but could not because of the heat and flames. Firefighters rescued two adults from the third floor and found the children on the fourth floor, unconscious. They brought them out through windows and down a ladder where they were rushed to a hospital, but it was too late.

Though the cause or origin are undetermined, the investigators are labeling the fire as suspicious because of the deaths. They have no evidence it is or is not a crime yet. Though the condos have smoke detectors, it is not known if those on the fourth floor, where the children were, were working.

Death is hard and occurs for a lot of reasons. But, some times it’s an accident, and some times it’s not.

If you know someone who has died at the hands of another, let your  St. Louis wrongful death attorneys help.

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Teen Hit and Killed by Car

Being in an auto accident can cause many things to happen, including fear, anxiety and confusion. You may try to get away from the accident for whatever reason there is.

This is what sixteen year old Gabriel Brommelhorst did. According to an article in St. Louis Today, Gabriel was involved in an accident early in the morning on August 4. After the accident took place, Gabriel got out of his car and stepped out onto Interstate 70 into the path of a Ford Fusion driven by Danielle Johnson. The incident that occurred near the High Hill exit of I-70, killed Gabriel and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Auto accidents can cause a lot of damage, both to your car and to your body. Many times, insurance companies have their own interests in mind when making a settlement and not the interests of the victim or the family of the victim. Aside from any obvious pain and suffering you could face as an accident victim, there are underlying problems you could face, too. Put that together with the cost of an accident (medical costs, automobile bills and lost wages) and all of it gets a little….. overwhelming,

You need someone on your side. If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, please contact your St. Louis auto accident attorneys today and let us help you.

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Keep Your Baby Safe – Watch for Important Recalls

In our economy, we save money by reusing products we’ve had around or by buying them used from someone else. This can be true when having a baby, too. With the cost of having a baby being high, finding a crib for a good deal can take stress off the parents, whether it’s the first child, or the fourth. You will take every precaution to make sure your new baby is happy, healthy and safe.

When you see a recall for the crib you are using, it can be a bit disconcerting. According to an article on KSDK news in July, this is what has happened with almost 12,000 cribs made by DaVinci. The company is recalling four different cribs made between May and December 2012. They were sold between May 2012 and December 2013 at certain stores and on Amazon. There are four specific cribs included in the recall.

They are recalling these because of the connection between the mattress and the crib, which is metal. This is supposed to support the mattress, but has broken on some of these cribs, causing an uneven sleeping surface. The baby could fall, get trapped or get hurt by the broken metal.

Thankfully, of the incidents reported, no injuries have occurred.

If you or someone you know has had problems with a defective product, let your St. Louis defective product attorneys help you today!

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Hit and Run Victim Recovering- and Thankful

When you’re walking on the side of the road, you have an expectation those who approach you in their vehicles will drive in a manner that will keep you safe while allowing both of you to continue to where you’re going. When one of those drivers is not paying attention or intentionally hits a pedestrian, the results can be very severe or deadly.

Jeremie Wittu, a 24-year-old from Arnold, is thankful his situation was not as bad as it could have been. On Saturday night, Jeremie was walking with a friend on Elm Drive in Arnold when a truck hit him with the passenger mirror, knocking him over a guardrail into the creek below. On the way down, Jeremie hit his head on the concrete behind the guardrail on the way down. His friend was able to promptly call 911 to take him to the hospital to get treatment.

The driver of the truck is unknown because he fled the scene. Jeremie got stitches on his head, but his focus now is trying to find the man who hit him. He knows the truck was black with a camper shell and was either Ford or GMC. The surveillance footage from the area is dark, but Jeremie’s family have received some good tips.

If you or someone you know have been pedestrians hit by an automobile, let your St. Louis pedestrian accident attorneys help you today!

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Black Mustang Crashes Into Home in St. Louis

Imagine sitting in your home, enjoying your favorite television show, when suddenly a car crashes into the side of your house. You go outside and you see the car, but the driver is nowhere to be found.

According to a recent article on the KMOV website, that’s exactly what happened to one home in the south part of St. Louis. Fortunately, there was no one on the street at 1:23am, which is the time the accident occurred. It’s also fortunate that this particular house was made of brick, which most likely protected it from sustaining serious structural damage. The black Ford Mustang was seriously damaged, but at the time this article was released, the driver still had not been found.

These types of accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes drugs and alcohol are involved. Other times, it’s simply because the driver was not paying attention to the road, was texting or fell asleep at the wheel. Regardless of the reason, when serious injuries or damages take place because of these types of accidents, the person who is responsible has to pay.

Car crashes happen all the time in St. Louis, and if you’re involved, it is vital for you to contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney right away. You have rights that should be protected, and your attorney will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve following any kind of accident.

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