Man Dies in Single Car Crash Near St. Louis

Pedestrians often think they have nothing to worry about when it comes to accidents because they’re not driving a vehicle or riding. However, strange accidents happen all the time, and they do occasionally involve pedestrians getting hurt, or even killed.

One such accident is an excellent example of this, and although no pedestrians were involved, it’s possible that this crash could have resulted in many more lives lost. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported about an accident that occurred near St. Louis in Creve Coeur, where a male driver lost control of his car.

He crashed into a tree at the intersection of Olive Boulevard and Deaver Avenue. The man was only 20 years old, and fortunately there was no one else in the vehicle with him at the time. A member of the Missouri State Police pronounced him dead at the scene.

There’s no telling what caused him to lose control of his vehicle, and the article was not clear about the circumstances. However, this is a timely reminder that your St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney asks you to be careful when you’re walking along St. Louis roadways. Single car accidents do happen, and you don’t want to be in the path when they do.

If you are injured in an accident as a pedestrian, please know that you need legal representation right away. Contact your St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney for immediate assistance.

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Two Women Injured in Car Accident in St. Louis County

When you’re driving on the highways in St. Louis County, you expect to see car accidents from time to time. You hope that you’re never involved, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid them.

According to an article on the Leader website, two women were recently in an accident in St. Louis County. The article states that they were both traveling along the I-270 ramp southbound to I-55 when the crash occurred. One of the women, who was driving a Hyundai Elantra, attempted to change lanes, and when she did she pulled into the path of the other woman, who was driving a Honda Civic. The two cars collided causing injuries to both women.

The article isn’t clear whether or not any substances were involved with the woman who caused the accident and it’s possible that this crash was caused by simple driver error. Lapses in judgment lead to accidents all the time, but that doesn’t mean something should not be done to ensure compensation for the victim.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, it’s important for you to know that you have rights. If you’re in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and your losses. Any delay in contacting an attorney will only hurt your case, so please don’t put it off. As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we can help.

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Three-Year-Old Dies, Father Charged in St. Louis Car Accident

Although people know the consequences that can occur when they choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it happens in St. Louis far too often. One such case recently took place that resulted in the death of a three-year-old boy, according to an article on the Fox2News website.

His father, who is thirty-two years old, is currently facing several charges because he was driving under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs. The man was driving along Highway 67 when his car went off the road and struck a tree. The wreck claimed the life of his younger son at the scene, and his five-year-old son was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for serious injuries.

When someone is driving and drugs or alcohol are involved, the risk of an accident are elevated. These types of accidents can be and should be prevented, but when people make poor decisions to drink or use and drive, tragedy is the unfortunate result.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we understand how you feel when you’re in an accident with someone. Most of the time, they are very apologetic, and even if they’re not sober, you feel bad about filing a case. However, you have the right to compensation for your injuries, and often for your pain and suffering. Please contact a St. Louis car accident attorney to discuss your options.

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3 Indian Drugs Recalled in the United States

Patients who go to their doctors for medical attention expect that they will get treated properly, and receive prescriptions for medications that will help them, not hurt them. According to a recent Healthworld article, three different drugs are being recalled, which could put many patients’ health in jeopardy.

1. Ondansetron HCI API – This drug is being recalled because of the risk of contamination of a non-sterile product.

2. Travoprost Ophthalmic Solution – This drug is being recalled because of a lack of sterility and because of the fact that the internal packaging has been damaged.

3. Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets – Foreign tablets and capsules have been found inside the packaging.

All three of these medications were manufactured in India and adverse health reactions can occur for patients who take or use them.

Being exposed to a different drug than you thought you were prescribed, or taking a contaminated medication can have profound health consequences for you and your loved ones. However, people often don’t realize that there is action they can take if something like this occurs.

As your St. Louis defective drug attorney, we want you to know that we are here to help you. You have the right to safe medication, and if you’re injured because of a defective drug, you should be compensated. Contact your St. Louis defective drug attorney today if you have taken these or other medications and suffered serious medical consequences.

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Possible Medical Malpractice Cases Discovered in St. Louis at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is undoubtedly a hot topic in St. Louis, as well as in the rest of the country. While their abortion practices are something that many people do not agree with, as soon as it becomes clear that they may be trying to cover up cases of possible malpractice, the public has a right to know what’s happening.

Recently, 911 received a call from Planned Parenthood indicating that they needed an ambulance immediately. One of their patients was experiencing serious bleeding after an abortion procedure. However, the Planned Parenthood worker was not willing to provide additional information to the dispatcher over the phone for fear that it might appear on a website. This is questionable to say the least.

This incident was not the first time such deception had occurred. On another occasion, the St. Louis Planned Parenthood had called for an ambulance for a patient who was having seizures after an abortion procedure; again, not much information was given. This lack of communication only serves to put the patient in danger because it could delay proper medical care.

As your St. Louis medical malpractice attorney, we feel it is our job to inform you of your rights. You have every right to expect excellent medical care when you need it, whether you’re at Planned Parenthood or another medical facility. Please contact your St. Louis medical malpractice attorney to talk about your case.

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Blood Pressure Medication Leads to an Increasing Number of Lawsuits

High blood pressure is a serious problem in the United States. Many people suffer from this condition, and for them, finding a drug that can help is, indeed, a life-saver. Benicar is a drug that was introduced as a way to lower blood pressure, but since its introduction into the medical community, some patients have gotten much more than they bargained for.

Many patients who have taken Benicar have experienced its side effects to a drastic degree. Some of the issues they’ve complained of include chronic diarrhea, severe weight loss, and ongoing nausea and vomiting. The pain that these patients are experiencing has landed many of them in the hospital, which is inexcusable.

While these side effects are concerning, this medication is still being prescribed regularly. In fact, there are many generic versions of the drug that are set to hit the market in the coming year.

Perhaps you’re a patient who was placed on Benicar, and you’ve been experiencing the side effects, but never linked them to your use of the drug. You may be able to receive compensation. A St. Louis defective drug attorney can assist you with getting the right legal advice.

Nothing is as important to you as your health, and there are alternatives to Benicar. If you believe you have been injured because of this drug, contact your St. Louis defective drug attorney to talk about what your options are.

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Injuries From a Failed Medical Procedure Prompt a Lawsuit in St. Louis

In this day and age, technology has allowed medical professionals to improve the quality of life for patients all over the country. However, there are cases when their procedures fail, and when this occurs, sometimes patients are well within their right to file a lawsuit.

One such case recently occurred in St. Louis. A man filed a lawsuit because he believed that his doctors failed to provide him with proper medical care, and in the process, they also caused severe damage to his neck. The lawsuit is against Heartland Regional Medical Center, as well as against four different doctors that treated him there.

The procedure was for an Internal Jugular central line, and the patient claims he was severely injured because of repeated attempts that were made to place it. This is a delicate procedure because it involves placing a line in the IJ vein, which is often used to place pacemakers, or to treat patients who have blood clotting conditions.

The article does not indicate how many attempts were made; only that serious injuries resulted from many failed attempts.

Perhaps you’ve suffered from a botched medical procedure that was supposed to improve your quality of life. You may not realize that you can get legal help to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contacting a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney is the right thing to do. A St. Louis medical malpractice attorney can help you.


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Stray Dog Attacks Woman and Officer: This Could Happen in St. Louis

If you’re like most people, when you see a stray dog, your heart goes out to it. You want to help it any way that you can. Unfortunately, sometimes your best intentions can end with disastrous consequences.

One woman recently learned this the hard way. She had seen some stray dogs and decided to feed them. As she was feeding them, one of the dogs bit her on the leg. She called 911 and Animal Control, and when an officer arrived on the scene he was also bitten by the dog.

In this particular case, the stray dogs were actually strays. However, it’s common for an animal that is believed to be a stray is actually owned by someone who wasn’t paying attention and they managed to get out of their home or enclosure. In that situation, the owner of the dog is responsible, and should pay for damages.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, stray or not, it’s important to get prompt medical attention for your injuries. After you do that, contacting a St. Louis dog bite attorney should be the next thing you do. We can assist you with getting compensation for your injuries, as well as any other related expenses that you may incur. Your St. Louis dog bite attorney has navigated these scenarios many times before, so you can be certain that you’ll get excellent legal advice for your case.

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Huge Nursing Home Chain Cited for Nursing Home Neglect

A recent CBS News article depicts the story of a woman who recently lost her mother after she had been placed in a nursing home for rehabilitative care. The sixty-eight-year-old woman had recently been hospitalized for chest pains, and when she entered the nursing home, she was feeling quite well. Five weeks later, she passed away.

The woman had been rushed to the hospital with symptoms of pneumonia, severe dehydration and a body temperature that was below 80 degrees. She died at the hospital, and her doctors suspected that elder abuse had taken place at the nursing facility.

An investigative reporter visited the nursing facility with a hidden camera, and was appalled at the conditions he saw with that one visit. Many of the patients were moaning and there was a distinct odor of human waste. A local police chief commented about another, similar facility that was owned by the same company, stating that the patients were like zombies walking around.

For a family who has to make the decision to place their loved one in a nursing home, the decision is not made lightly. Great care is put into choosing the right place. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is becoming more common, and this could happen here in St. Louis.

If you suspect a problem, a St. Louis nursing home neglect attorney offers you some recourse. Contact your St. Louis nursing home neglect attorney today.


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Fatal Semi-Truck Accident in St. Louis: Who is at Fault?

Lately, there have been some odd tractor trailer accidents in St. Louis. However, this one might be the oddest of them all.

According to an article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website, a twenty-year-old man was displaying some bizarre personal behavior on I-70. Several calls were made to Missouri State Troopers that there was a man running in traffic on the highway. Later, more calls came in that there was a man seen riding on the hood of a semi-truck as it traveled down the highway. Later on, it appears the same man was again seen running in traffic and at that point, was hit by a semi-truck.

The man was immediately rushed to the hospital after the hit, but was pronounced dead at the emergency room. The highway was shut down for several hours after the accident.

The article does not state the reasons behind the man’s strange behaviors, so the question that is on everyone’s mind is: who’s to blame for this accident? In cases like this, it’s always best for loved ones to have a St. Louis truck accident attorney investigate the cause.

The fact is that semi-truck drivers have a different set of rules than other drivers on the road. This man’s family may be entitled to compensation, depending on the facts in the case. Please contact a St. Louis truck accident attorney if you’re in an accident with a semi-truck.

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