Huge Nursing Home Chain Cited for Nursing Home Neglect

A recent CBS News article depicts the story of a woman who recently lost her mother after she had been placed in a nursing home for rehabilitative care. The sixty-eight-year-old woman had recently been hospitalized for chest pains, and when she entered the nursing home, she was feeling quite well. Five weeks later, she passed away.

The woman had been rushed to the hospital with symptoms of pneumonia, severe dehydration and a body temperature that was below 80 degrees. She died at the hospital, and her doctors suspected that elder abuse had taken place at the nursing facility.

An investigative reporter visited the nursing facility with a hidden camera, and was appalled at the conditions he saw with that one visit. Many of the patients were moaning and there was a distinct odor of human waste. A local police chief commented about another, similar facility that was owned by the same company, stating that the patients were like zombies walking around.

For a family who has to make the decision to place their loved one in a nursing home, the decision is not made lightly. Great care is put into choosing the right place. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is becoming more common, and this could happen here in St. Louis.

If you suspect a problem, a St. Louis nursing home neglect attorney offers you some recourse. Contact your St. Louis nursing home neglect attorney today.


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Fatal Semi-Truck Accident in St. Louis: Who is at Fault?

Lately, there have been some odd tractor trailer accidents in St. Louis. However, this one might be the oddest of them all.

According to an article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website, a twenty-year-old man was displaying some bizarre personal behavior on I-70. Several calls were made to Missouri State Troopers that there was a man running in traffic on the highway. Later, more calls came in that there was a man seen riding on the hood of a semi-truck as it traveled down the highway. Later on, it appears the same man was again seen running in traffic and at that point, was hit by a semi-truck.

The man was immediately rushed to the hospital after the hit, but was pronounced dead at the emergency room. The highway was shut down for several hours after the accident.

The article does not state the reasons behind the man’s strange behaviors, so the question that is on everyone’s mind is: who’s to blame for this accident? In cases like this, it’s always best for loved ones to have a St. Louis truck accident attorney investigate the cause.

The fact is that semi-truck drivers have a different set of rules than other drivers on the road. This man’s family may be entitled to compensation, depending on the facts in the case. Please contact a St. Louis truck accident attorney if you’re in an accident with a semi-truck.

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Firefighter Hit by SUV in St. Louis

Accidents on St. Louis highways are pretty commonplace this time of year. The changes in the weather can cause slippery roads, which many motorists are not prepared to deal with. Recently, an accident occurred on I-55, which led to one firefighter getting badly injured.

According to the article on the Fox2News website, the fire department had responded to a call about an accident on the Interstate, and they had pulled a pumper truck across a lane of the highway to guard themselves as they worked. This is a standard practice. As the driver of the pumper truck was getting out, an SUV drove around it at that exact moment hitting the firefighter and the truck. The firefighter was thrown across a traffic lane from the impact of the accident.

During the winter months, the roadways in St. Louis can be sheets of ice, and in this case, the reporter claimed that the road was like an ice skating rink. These conditions lead to numerous accidents every year, but just because the weather is bad doesn’t serve as an excuse when a driver causes a collision.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we want you to know we’re here to assist you if you’re involved in a winter accident. Once you’ve notified the police and received proper medical care, we should be the next call you make. We’ll fight hard for you to be compensated.

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Passenger Dies in St. Louis Accident

Passengers often don’t realize that they have legal recourse when it comes to car accidents in St. Louis. However, they have just as many rights as the driver of the car does, even if they’re riding in the vehicle that caused the accident.

A recent article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website discusses a twenty-four-year-old woman who was driving her vehicle with one passenger. The police report stated that she had been drinking, and she was subsequently booked for suspicion of DWI and involuntary manslaughter. The accident happened just after midnight when her car went off the road and hit a tree. Her passenger, a twenty-four-year-old man died instantly.

This accident is incredibly tragic, and police were still investigating the details of the crash at the time of this article.

If you or someone you love is in an accident, even as a passenger, please don’t think that there isn’t anything that you can do about it. Most accidents don’t result in passenger deaths, but if you’re seriously injured, talking with a St. Louis car accident attorney can help you understand your rights.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we’ve been able to work with a countless number of passengers who have suffered injuries in accidents. For many of them, the wrecks were the fault of the drivers of the cars they were riding in. If you need assistance, we’re here to help you.

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Driver with Revoked License Responsible for Fatal Crash Near St. Louis

Fatal accidents are tragic, especially when they could have been avoided in the first place. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported an accident that happened just outside of St. Louis that claimed the lives of three people.

The collision occurred in the early afternoon, and the driver who caused it was a forty-eight-year-old man who had recently had his license revoked because of several DUIs. He was driving a Ford Escape, and authorities reported that he crossed the center line on Illinois Route 158 and hit an oncoming Chevy pickup truck, head-on.

The man driving the truck was seventy-four, and he survived the crash. However, police reported that his wife and grandson, who were also in the truck, were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver who caused the accident was also pronounced dead at the scene. The surviving man was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, and was reported to be in stable condition.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we want to advise you regarding accidents with unlicensed drivers. In this accident, the unlicensed driver died, but that’s not always the case. Quite often, they are apologetic and willing to make amends for the crash. The best course of action is for you to contact a St. Louis car accident attorney. You have rights that should be protected and you are due compensation for your injuries and loss.

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Head-On Crash Results in Critical Injuries in St. Louis

Head-on crashes are some of the most serious types of car accidents that occur in the St. Louis area. According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, a recent head-on crash resulted in injuries to three people. Fortunately, no one was killed as a result of the collision.

The wreck occurred at about four o’clock in the afternoon on River Des Peres Boulevard. The man who caused the accident was thirty-two years old, and he was driving a Toyota Camry. Police officers reported that he was traveling at a very high rate of speed when his vehicle crossed over the center line, into oncoming traffic.

A Ford Focus was traveling in the opposite direction, and the two vehicles crashed. The driver of the Ford was a seventeen-year-old girl, and she had an eighteen-year-old male passenger with her. At the time of the article, the authorities were still attempting to determine what exactly caused the accident to occur. It could have happened because of any number of different reasons. The driver may have been distracted while he was driving, he may have been intoxicated, or he may have fallen asleep.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, our hearts go out to the families of these individuals as they recover. However, the person who caused the accident needs to be held accountable. A St. Louis car accident attorney will fight hard for proper compensation.

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St. Louis Pedestrian Accident: Man Struck While Riding Scooter in Hit and Run

There are many accidents in St. Louis every week, and far too many of them are hit and run incidents. One recent hit and run involved a man who was riding a motorized wheelchair or scooter, according to a recent article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website.

The collision occurred about about 12:45 am near Halls Ferry and Chambers. The victim was a sixty-seven-year-old man who was riding a motorized wheelchair in the road. He was hit by a car, and the vehicle immediately sped away from the scene.

Fortunately, there were many Good Samaritans in the area where the accident occurred. Several St. Louis citizens stayed with the man, standing over him until first responders arrived at the scene of the incident. The investigators believe that this may have been what saved his life. His injuries were quite serious, but he is expected to survive.

At the time of the article, police had not caught the driver who caused the accident. However, it was believed to be caused by someone driving a black Chevy Impala.

Accidents like these are why it’s important to consult with a St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney. Talking with a professional in this area of expertise can help you understand what your rights are. Once investigators determine the person who caused the accident, a St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney will fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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Man Falls Asleep at the Wheel and Causes Fatal Car Accident Near St. Louis

Car accidents near St. Louis are caused by a variety of issues. Sometimes they’re caused by drunk or distracted driving. However, there have also been a large number of accidents that were caused because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. That is precisely what happened in a recent accident that occurred outside of St. Louis, according to an article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website.

The accident occurred just before 11 pm on a Saturday night on I-270. The man who caused the accident was twenty years old, and the driver of the second vehicle was seventy-one years old. The second driver also had a seventy-year-old passenger in his vehicle. The driver of the first vehicle fell asleep at the wheel, according to police reports, and his vehicle rear-ended the second vehicle.

According to the article, the second vehicle went off the road and hit a pole. The driver was pronounced dead when authorities arrived at the scene. His passenger was taken to a local hospital and was treated for her injuries.

This accident was tragic, and while it wasn’t intended, the man who caused the accident should be held accountable. A St. Louis car accident attorney will ensure that he is.

Have you been in a car accident in St. Louis? If you have, talk with a St. Louis car accident attorney so you can find out your rights and other important information.

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Drug Overdose Reversal Drug Recall May Put Lives at Risk

Overdosing is a serious problem in St. Louis, as well as in our country as a whole. Fortunately, medications have been developed that can reverse the effects of overdoses, which often lead to death. One of these medications is Narcan (naloxone), and it’s supposed to work well for opioid overdoses. Even so, it’s essential to get overdose victims to the emergency room as soon as possible, because the effects of the drug don’t last very long.

In order to administer Narcan properly, the drug has to be sprayed into the nostrils of the person who has overdosed. Police officers and paramedics have had access to the Narcan kits, but recently, these kits have also been made available to the loved ones of those who have known drug addictions.

Narcan was recently recalled because of several complaints that were made regarding defective kits. These kits were said to not deliver a complete plume of medication, which means that recipients may not be able to receive enough of the life-saving medication to help them recover. The recall applies to about 66 batches of the kits that have been distributed around the country.

It’s important to notify a St. Louis defective drug attorney if you believe a loved one has been harmed by one of these defective kits. Only a St. Louis defective drug attorney can inform you of your rights and advise you about how to proceed.

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Pitbull Shot By Police After Vicious Attack

Dog bite attacks are all over the news, and one recent dog attack resulted in the mauling of one thirty-three-year-old woman. The incident occurred at about 1 o’clock in the morning, when the woman was attacked by a pitbull.

The woman sustained serious injuries from multiple dog bites all over her body. Residents of the building where the the attack occurred and nearby neighbors called police officers to come to assist when the dog’s owner was unable to restrain the dog. The report was that the dog was not obeying commands. When the police officers arrived on the scene, the owner of the dog told them to shoot it. They did, and a bullet hit the owner, injuring her as well.

Both women were taken to a nearby hospital for their injuries. The victim was said to be in critical but stable condition after the attack.

The CDC indicates that there are about 4.5 million dog attacks in the United States each year. About 30 of those attacks end in death, and many of the victims are children.

Dog attacks are serious, and if you are the victim of a dog bite or someone you love becomes a victim, it’s important to contact your St. Louis dog bite attorney right away. Having a St. Louis dog bite attorney who knows the law is crucial, and he or she will fight to get you proper compensation.

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