Eleven-Year-Old Boy Dies After Hit and Run in St. Louis

Hit and run accidents happen for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes the drivers don’t want to be bothered with stopping to assess the accident and talk with police. There are times when drivers have pending legal charges, or they may not have car insurance, and so they panic and flee the scene. Regardless of the reason, hit and run accidents should never occur; and this case of an eleven-year-old boy passing away after a hit and run is no exception.

According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, this incident occurred around 6:30 in the evening. The boy was attempting to cross the street when he was hit by an oncoming car. Instead of coming to his aid, other motorists drove around him, and one driver almost drove over him, as if he wasn’t there. At the time of the article, the police did not have a vehicle description, or any other clues as to who the driver of the vehicle was. Unfortunately, the boy died later at the hospital.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we want you to know that hit and run accidents are very serious. It’s important to contact an attorney if you’ve been involved in one. Experienced St. Louis personal injury attorneys will work hard on your behalf to bring you justice, and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and your damages.

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St. Louis Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel, Passengers Ejected During Accident

A lot of accidents in St. Louis are just that – accidents. They happen, not because someone intentionally did something wrong, but because something occurred that may have been beyond the driver’s control. Even so, just because the cause of the accident was beyond the driver’s control, that doesn’t mean that victims don’t have a valid case.

For example, an article on the WDAY6 website discusses an accident that occurred on Highway 53 in St. Louis County. A twenty-eight-year-old man was driving a Hyundai Elantra, and he had a female passenger and an infant passenger in the car with him. According to the article, the driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. The vehicle rolled into the median, and as a result the two passengers were ejected from the car.

Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved in this accident, and everyone in the car survived. They were treated at a hospital for their injuries.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we recognize that the driver did not mean to fall asleep at the wheel, but the fact remains that an accident did occur as a result. Victims should be compensated for these types of crashes.

Maybe you’ve been injured in an accident recently, but you’re not sure if you should file a case because of the circumstances. St. Louis personal injury attorneys really are the best ones to make that decision. For help, contact us.

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Distracted Driving Leads to Fatal Hit and Run in the St. Louis Area

Distracted driving has become a serious problem all across the country, and it doesn’t seem to matter what laws are put into place; people do it anyway.

According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently, one man is dead because of a hit and run accident that occurred because the driver was texting while he was driving.

The article states that the twenty-five-year-old victim was walking along a stretch of road when he was hit by a 2004 Dodge Dakota pick up truck. Surveillance footage from the area was checked, and the truck was found to belong to a twenty-four-year-old man from the Madison area. Further scrutiny of the video showed that he had been texting while driving.

The accident happened almost a year ago, and sentencing will be completed after all reports are reviewed. The driver is currently in county jail.

Pedestrian accidents are so common in the St. Louis area because pedestrians are so vulnerable, but also because drivers keep breaking important distracted driving laws.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we are very familiar with the laws in our state, and we will always work hard to get you compensated if you’re a pedestrian who is injured in an accident.

You have rights that should be protected. If you need help, contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys to get more information about how you can file your case.

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Median Rest Area is Prime Spot for Accidents in St. Louis

There are a lot of accidents on Interstate 44, but there is a rest area situated in a median along that stretch of road that’s actually the prime spot for serious accidents. In order to get back on the highway, drivers have to pull out onto a 70 mph road, and getting off the highway isn’t all that easy either.

One recent accident at that particular rest area involved two young men who were from out of town. They didn’t realize the strange location of the rest stop, and when a tractor trailer slowed down to pull into it, they failed to brake in time behind him. The accident was tragic, but it’s certainly a wake up call for drivers and pedestrians to use extreme caution near this particular part of I-44.

All kinds of accidents can occur at this rest area, including pedestrian accidents as well as multi-car crashes. Drivers in St. Louis are not always using caution when they’re traveling, and their negligence often leads to wrecks.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we want to caution you to be very careful around this particular stretch of road.

Watch out for out of town drivers, and above all, report any accidents that occur to the authorities. If you’re injured in a car accident, your St. Louis personal injury attorneys will fight for compensation for your injuries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Hit and Run Crash Destroys St. Louis Traffic Light

Everyone knows there are constantly reports of hit and run accidents in St. Louis. As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we hear of them all the time. One hit and run crash recently resulted in the destruction of a traffic signal in St. Louis at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and North Florissant.

According to the article on the Fox2News St. Louis website, the accident occurred around 5:30 in the morning. Fortunately, it was early enough that there weren’t many pedestrians on the road. If the accident had happened later on in the day, this situation certainly would have been much worse. The article states that authorities are still searching for the driver of the vehicle.

Hit and run accident cases can be difficult because most people are not able to obtain information about the other driver, such as a license plate number. However, in this day and age of technology, video cameras mounted on stores or at ATM machines can often identify hit and run drivers very easily. Even so, it takes the work of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney to uncover the felons who commit these crimes.

If you’ve been a victim in a hit and run accident, contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys right away. You deserve to be compensated, and as your lawyer we will do the work to make sure you’re able to file a claim right away.

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Dangerous Driving Results in Fatal Tractor Trailer Crash in St. Louis

Reckless driving on a major expressway is never a good idea, and it’s never surprising when it results in a serious car accident. A recent crash on I-70 in North St. Louis could have been avoided by following the rules of the road. Unfortunately, according to an article on the KMOV website, it ended with one man dead, and his passenger seriously injured.

The article states that the driver of the vehicle was a forty-six-year-old man who was weaving in and out of traffic as he traveled along the stretch of highway near the North St. Louis exit. His Kia struck the rear of a tractor trailer, and he died at the scene of the crash. His passenger was an eighteen-year-old man, and he had to be extracted from the vehicle. He was taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries and was listed in critical condition at the time the article was released.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we see many of these types of accidents blamed on truck drivers. However, in this case, the driver was clearly at fault. Fortunately, no one else was injured, but they could have been.

If you are in an accident because of a careless driver, please contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys right away. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. We will work hard to get what you deserve.


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Snowmobile Accident Claims the Life of One in St. Louis

With the snow falling all around us, it’s inevitable that there will be some snow-related accidents occurring. One man is currently dead because of a snowmobile accident in St. Louis, according to the CBS St. Louis website.

The man was riding a snowmobile along with several of his friends one night recently when he missed a curve and ran into a tree. It is believed that he was going too fast, and even though he was wearing a helmet, he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Fortunately, none of his friends were injured or killed as a result of the crash, and there were no other individuals involved.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we want to caution you about these types of accidents; especially during the time of year when the snowfall increases. Pedestrian accidents don’t only refer to individuals involved with accidents with cars. They can also refer to other types of vehicles, such as motorcycles and during this time of year, snowmobiles. This accident was tragic, but according to the article it could have been prevented.

If you’re injured in a pedestrian accident this winter – whether it’s with a car, a truck or a vehicle like a snowmobile – please do not hesitate to contact us, your local, St. Louis personal injury attorneys. You deserve compensation for the accident, and we’ll fight hard to see that you receive it.

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Good Samaritan and Retired Army Captain Dies While Helping Motorist Change a Tire

There aren’t many good Samaritans left out there, but those who are, certainly deserve to be credited for their generosity. According to the Fox2News St. Louis website, one retired Army Captain was killed recently while helping a stranded motorist change a flat tire on I-44.

The incident appears to have been caused by a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer hit the Captain’s parked vehicle, which then hit him. The semi went on to hit a car, which collided with a truck. The accident was a chain reaction of sorts, but ultimately, it caused the death of the retired Army Captain.

The tragedy in this story is unreal. While I-44 is a very busy highway most of the time, this was certainly an accident that could have been avoided. Many people don’t realize that truck drivers are held to a higher standard on the road, and it remains to be seen what caused him to hit the parked vehicle.

Perhaps you or someone you love has been injured in an accident with a tractor trailer. As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we want you to know you should have proper legal representation for your case. Compensation for your injuries and damages is crucial, and we will fight hard to get you what you deserve.

Please contact your local St. Louis personal injury attorneys right away if you would like to discuss your case with us.

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New Law to Provide Better Nursing Home Accountability

Lawmakers in the State of Illinois have heard the cries for more protection for nursing home residents loud and clear. According to a recent article on the St. Louis Business Journal website, effective January 1, 2016, families can now install surveillance cameras into their loved ones’ rooms in nursing homes.

These cameras will allow families to electronically monitor their relatives during all hours of the day or night to ensure that they’re receiving the proper level of care and treatment from nursing home staff. Three other states also have this law in place, which makes Illinois a step ahead of most states in the U.S. Families can now have peace of mind, and they can take legal, justified action when necessary to protect the ones they love most.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we see a lot of cases of elder abuse at the hands of negligent nursing home employees. These cases are often very sad as nursing home residents often are not able to defend themselves or speak up when they’re being treated poorly.

Perhaps you have a loved one who is currently residing in a nursing home and you suspect that elder abuse has taken place. You are able to fight against this type of treatment. Contact your local St. Louis nursing home injury attorneys and get additional information on forming a case. We will help you and fight hard for compensation.

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Hoffman & Gelfman Receive $11.5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict for Client

Jurors side with girl paralyzed after back surgery
By: Scott Lauck scott.lauck@molawyersmedia.com February 15, 2016

In July 2012, an 11-year-old girl entered Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis for scoliosis surgery. She emerged paralyzed from the waist down.

The cause of Ronnie Hamm’s heartbreaking injuries were murky, and hotly contested. Attorneys for Hamm argued it was the result of post-surgical anesthesia gone wrong. Attorneys for the Saint Louis University-employed doctors argued the patient had suffered a stroke.

A St. Louis jury on Jan. 26 sided with the plaintiff and awarded more than $11.5 million, including more than $8 million in noneconomic damages.

Lead plaintiff’s attorney Ted Hoffman of Hoffman & Gelfman said there were no issues during the surgery itself, which was meant to address a double curvature of Hamm’s spine. But after surgery, doctors started administering pain medication via an epidural catheter. Within an hour after beginning the infusion, Hamm lost motor and sensory function in her lower extremities.

The plaintiff’s theory was that the medication caused a buildup of fluids that put tourniquet-like pressure on the spinal column and restricted blood flow. Despite the concerns about the patient’s loss of feeling, the hospital staff slowly reduced the medication flow over 20 hours in hopes that her sensory functions would return. Hoffman argued that they should have stopped the epidural infusion immediately.

“Had they cut the anesthesia, we feel this wouldn’t have happened,” Hoffman said. “But they didn’t terminate it; they kept it going. By the time they decided to terminate it, it was too late to reverse by surgery.”

Tim Gearin of Armstrong Teasdale, an attorney for Saint Louis University, had argued that the plaintiff suffered a cord stroke and there was no time to reverse plaintiff’s paralysis. He said the defense is weighing its post-trial options, but commended the plaintiff’s lawyers for their handling of what he said was “an extremely sad case.”

“We had an extremely sympathetic plaintiff, and sometimes those are very difficult for the jury to turn down,” Gearin said.

He said his clients maintained that they didn’t do anything wrong. “Sometimes you just have to take that chance in the courtroom, and you have to understand that you aren’t always going to prevail at trial,” he said.

The jury’s verdict totaled $11,508,022, including $8.35 million in past and future noneconomic damages and nearly $3.2 million in economic damages, mostly for future medical bills.

The verdict exceeded the plaintiff’s pretrial demand of $9 million. The defense had offered $3 million at the start of trial but dropped that offer to just $400,000 before closing arguments, according to Hoffman & Gelfman. (Gearin recalled the offer as $500,000.) During jury deliberations, the defendant made a high-low offer of $2 million to $4 million, which was rejected.

Breakdown: $850,000 in past noneconomic damages; $2,716,765 in future medical damages; $441,257 in non-medical future economic damages; $7.5 million in future noneconomic damages
Venue: St. Louis Circuit Court
Case Number/Date: 1322-CC00976/Jan. 26, 2016
Judge: Timothy J. Wilson
Injuries: Paralysis
Last Pretrial Demand: $9 million
Last Pretrial Offer: $3 million

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Theodore Hoffman and Steven Gelfman, Hoffman & Gelfman, St. Louis
Defendant’s Attorneys: Timothy Gearin, David Ott and Matthew Shorey, Armstrong Teasdale, St. Louis

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