Maintenance Worker Dies After Company Ignores Safety Issues

One maintenance worker is dead following a tragic accident that occurred at a Missouri manufacturing facility. The accident happened when the company neglected to put safety measures in place that would prevent a scrap metal table from lowering. As a result, the man was pinned between the table and a railing, ultimately resulting in his death.

The incident was investigated by OSHA, who issued several violations due to the company’s lack of education for its employees regarding preventable injuries and equipment safety. In fact, three of the violations were willful violations, which indicate that the company previously knew about the hazardous nature of the equipment and failed to do anything to prevent injuries from taking place.

Unfortunately, many companies operate under the idea that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Some of them assume that their employees have the skills and training that are needed to prevent injuries, but they don’t equip them with the tools or knowledge that’s needed to keep those skills sharp.

As your St. Louis Workers Compensation attorney, we understand the law when it comes to your rights as an employee and the important requirements OSHA sets in place. If your company is breaking the law and you’re injured, you should be compensated.

Please contact us if you’re injured on the job. Negligence should never be tolerated, and we’ll worked hard to make sure you receive the money you deserve.

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Man Charged After Fatal Hit and Run in St. Louis County

As a pedestrian, you rarely consider that you might one day be the victim of a hit and run accident in St. Louis. Most accidents occur on the highways and some occur on the busy streets of St. Louis, but not many of them involve pedestrians. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and one man is being charged with a felony for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident after he hit a fifty-year-old pedestrian on Lindbergh Boulevard.

According to the news article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, the man was pronounced dead at the scene. When the accident took place, he had been standing in a marked crosswalk. More charges may be filed at a later time, and the driver actually turned himself in to police.

As your St. Louis accident attorney, of course it is our hope that neither you nor anyone in your family is ever the victim of a crash. When pedestrians are hit, the outcome is much more likely to be death than if you’re in an accident with your car. Either way, you need a qualified attorney to represent you in  your case.

If you or a member of your family is the victim of any type of crash, please contact us. Our attorneys will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, as well as for any damages that result.

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Police Issue Warning to Parents Regarding Teen Fight Teams

Violence in St. Louis has escalated in recent years for a variety of reasons. However, more recently, teenagers have started holding fights in public places and at larger events, which can make attending these events and locations very dangerous for the average person.

According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, one such fight broke out at the St. Louis Zoo in March, which forced the zoo to close early. Similar situations have happened all across the city. Authorities believe that social media is instrumental at helping to spur these disagreements along, and once the situations have escalated, they pick a time and a place to have an all-out brawl.

The worst part is that, as a general bystander, you never know when something is going to happen where you are, and the St. Louis police force has had enough. They’ve started issuing warnings to parents about the fights, indicating that if they don’t step in, they will be held responsible for the actions of their kids.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we want to urge you to exercise caution when you’re in a public place. There is often no warning when these fights break out, but if you’re in the vicinity, get to safety as quickly as you can. If you are injured, please contact us right away. You deserve to be compensated and the parents will be held responsible.

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Spring is Here, but Frosty Weather Can Still Result in Slips and Falls

It’s the season we’ve all been waiting for, at least since right after the new year arrived. Spring feels as though it’s a time for new beginnings in St. Louis, and it’s not surprising that so many people are willing to “hurry it along.”

According to a recent news article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, while the weather is getting better, it’s best to not expect spring temperatures or spring weather conditions quite yet. In fact, we should anticipate some freezing weather to stick around, which means it’s not time for business owners to pack away the salt just yet.

Slips and falls can result in a lot of problems for business owners, and a lot of pain when they happen to you. Too many businesses fail to continue to take proper care of their property until the snow is gone, which can result in an increase in dangerous accidents.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we do want to caution you to be aware of your surroundings, even when just a few flurries have fallen from the skies. It doesn’t take much to result in a slippery surface, and you should anticipate that some businesses will just not be continuing to be vigilant about putting down salt when it’s slippery.

If you do slip and fall, please contact us. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries, and we’ll fight hard for you.

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St. Louis Street Racing Crash Sends Two to the Hospital

Street racing is something many young drivers participate in, even in the streets of St. Louis. Two drivers found out the hard way that street racing is never a good idea when they were involved in a serious crash that took place on Hall Street, earlier in March.

According to an article on the St. Louis Fox News website, the crash happened at around 2:30 in the morning, right before the news channel’s cameras picked up footage of the cars traveling along the street at speeds that were well above the posted limit. Three cars were involved in the crash, which responders noted was quite horrific. There were at least two people who were taken to a local hospital, and they were listed to be in serious condition.

Due to the hour, there weren’t any witnesses to give an accurate account of what took place. Even so, these types of street racing events happen during all hours of the day, and they can be very dangerous for anyone who happens to be nearby. Fortunately, it appears that no innocent bystanders were hurt in this case, although it could have been much different.

As your St. Louis auto accident attorney, we hope you are never the victim of this type of accident. However, if you are, please contact us to discuss your case. You deserve proper representation, and we’ll fight hard to get you appropriate compensation.

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St. Louis Workers Comp: You Need an Attorney Now More than Ever

No one ever expects to get injured at work, but every year countless people in the St. Louis area suffer from serious injuries because of something that went wrong on the job. According to a recent article on the St. Louis Public Radio website, it’s become harder and harder for injured workers to receive the money they should be getting from workers compensation.

The article discusses the case of one man in particular, who lost his left arm while he was working on an oil well. He thought he was going to die, but miraculously he recovered. Even so, almost three years after the accident took place, this individual was still unable to get insurance to cover a suitable prosthesis for his arm. He was offered a prosthesis with a metal hook on the end, when doctors claimed he would be a great candidate for one with a moveable hand.

Sadly, this is just one of the issues many people face when they’re going through a workers compensation claim. In a system that was designed to offer medical care and financial support during a difficult time, too many people don’t get the help they need.

As your St. Louis workers compensation attorney, we want to help you if you’re facing a workers compensation case. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries, and we’ll work hard to be sure that you are. Please contact us.

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Foggy Weather Results in Missouri Truck Accidents

Many tractor trailer drivers have to drive during the night hours in order to make their deliveries on time. While the weather in St. Louis might be warming up, that doesn’t always mean driving conditions are perfect. Fog can create serious problems for tractor trailers; especially when they’ve been driving for too long or they’re not paying close attention to the road.

According to an article on the St. Louis Fox News website, these types of foggy conditions that are common during this time of year have caused some serious accidents in the area. One tractor trailer crashed through a guard rail and went up a hill off of I-44. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt because of this accident. However, as you know, that is not always the case.

Weather conditions, strict deadlines and distracted driving can all lead to accidents for truck drivers, and it seems there are more and more of these types of accidents every year. As your St. Louis truck accident attorney, we want to remind you to please use extreme caution when you’re traveling through the area at night or in the early morning hours. Fog is a serious problem, and even though the ice and snow have melted away, truck drivers who aren’t careful can still crash.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need an attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us.

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Fatal St. Louis Crash Claims the Life of One Woman

It’s important to obey the rules of the road, and that includes stopping at red lights and stop signs. A recent accident in St. Louis has claimed the life of one woman because the driver of an SUV failed to stop at a stop sign, according to an article on the St. Louis Fox News website.

An eyewitness claims that she saw the driver of a black SUV blow through a stop sign and then hit an oncoming sedan. After the impact, the SUV swerved and spun, and it ended up crashing through the wall of a local Baptist church. The woman who was driving the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

The driver of the SUV exited his vehicle and attempted to make a quick getaway. However, he was apprehended by a local postal worker just a short distance from the crash. The postal worker was able to keep him there until the police arrived.

These types of fatal crashes are all too common in St. Louis, and every year they claim more and more lives. As your St. Louis car accident attorney, it is our hope that neither you nor a member of your family ever has to endure an accident like this one. However, if you are in an accident, please remember that you have rights and you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Contact us immediately.

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Woman Falls on Faulty Bleachers, College Blames Her for Injuries

A Missouri woman was attending a Lindenwood College basketball game where her daughter was playing. Like any spectator, she was seated on the bleachers in the third row. She got up to use the restroom before the game began, and she stepped down to the last row of bleachers. As soon as she did, the bleacher seat swung forward and the mom fell to the floor.

Her injuries were quite severe. She hit her head and her shoulder on the floor, and she also seriously injured her knee. A medical evaluation uncovered an ACL tear, a meniscus tear and a sprain. She accused the college of negligence and claimed that they had not done enough to make sure the bleachers were safe. According to a recent Missouri legal article, the college is placing the blame on her.

They claim that she wasn’t careful enough when she got down from the bleachers, and so she caused her own injuries. The case will be going to court, as the plaintiff has requested a trial by jury.

While it’s important to exercise care when using bleachers, stairs or when walking across a slippery floor, injuries because of negligence on the part of a business or other type of organization do happen. If you’re injured because or a slip or a fall, you deserve justice and compensation. Please contact your St. Louis personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

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Essure Clinical Trial Patient Speaks Out

Essure is a modern birth control device that is considered permanent. It works by inserting a small, metal coil into each fallopian tube. Once insertion is complete, scar tissue is supposed to build around the coils until they are blocked. Essure has been on the market since 2002, and one clinical trial participant has decided to speak out against the device and all of the pain it has caused her since she had placement done.

What is most notable about her case is the fact that so much of her clinical trial data seems to have been changed or misrepresented in some way. According to a recent news article, she began complaining about pain in her pelvic region on day three after placement, and she has been in constant pain for fifteen years. She states that when she would complain, her complaints would be brushed aside and she was assured that everything was normal.

What wasn’t normal was how she was dropped from the clinical trial, and her pleas for help were brushed aside. She has records stating that she asked to have the device removed. However, Conceptus, the company that designed Essure, reported that there were no requests to have the device removed when it was approved.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation. If so, it’s important to talk with a St. Louis personal injury attorney about your options. Please contact us today.

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