I-70 a Corridor to Death – Auto Accidents on the Rise

How many more lives will I-70 claim this year? The death toll has now reached nine. The St. Louis truck accident attorneys at Hoffman and Gelfman want you to be aware of the dangers surrounding this particular western stretch of I-70…

Young Mother’s Life Cut Short
25-year-old Missouri resident Kaylie Real died Sunday at Terre Haute Regional Hospital following injuries sustained after failing to reduce speed and crashing into a tractor-trailer in her attempt to merge near a construction zone. Her 4-year-old son was also transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the truck was uninjured.

Fifth Crash Along Hendricks County Stretch this Year
This I-70 site saw seven fatalities in 2014, five in 2015, and one fatal crash in 2016. This year, Indiana State Police point to construction zones and drivers failing to reduce speed when approaching slowed traffic. Following too closely, inattention, and distraction have also been blamed as accident factors.

Increased Traffic and Construction Not a Good Mix
State Rep. Clyde Kersey of Terre Haute thinks widening the highway to three lanes could stem the flow of accidents resulting from drivers fighting for position in a single lane, though no timeline has been set for a lane addition.

Have careless drivers cut the life of a loved one short? Ensure the future of your family with the help of St. Louis truck accident attorneys at Hoffman and Gelfman today.

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Injured in a Car Accident? What Are the First Steps You Should Take?

When you’re injured in a car accident, your mind is in a panic. You’re not sure what steps you should take, or what you should do first. You may be in a lot of pain, and that can just add to your anxiety and frustration.

It’s good to know what to do if you’re ever in an auto accident. We’d like to help you take the right steps.

Steps to Take if You’re Injured in a Car Crash

It’s important to write down the appropriate information. These are things that you might forget otherwise. You should write down:

  • The name and phone number of the other driver involved.
  • The other driver’s insurance information and license plate number.
  • The names and contact information for anyone who saw the accident happen.
  • How you felt and any other observations you can make at the time.

You should also take pictures of the scene. Take pictures of both vehicles and the surrounding areas. If you’re in doubt about whether you need a certain photo, take it anyway.

After the Crash

Directly following the crash, you need medical attention. Please don’t skip this step, even if you feel fine. You also need to contact a St. Louis car accident attorney. You’ll need their help going forward.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we can assist you with filing a case for compensation. Please contact us for our immediate assistance.

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Can I Get Paid for Pain and Suffering as the Result of an Accident?

Have you recently fallen victim to an automobile accident? The St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want you to know you are entitled to more than reimbursement for your damaged vehicle and medical expenses – you may be entitled to reimbursement for pain and suffering as well.

What Pain & Suffering is Allowed by Law?
Stress you experience as a result of the accident, including:
– Physical pain.
– Any emotional pain or psychological trauma resulting in insomnia, depression, fear and anxiety.

Calculating Pain & Suffering
There is no standard way to calculate pain and suffering. Common insurance methods include:
– Multiplier Method: Total medical bills multiplied by a number from 1-5, based on injury severity.
– Per Diem: A formula based on daily suffering.
– Estimation of Generalized Cost: Generally used for more serious injuries.

Filing a Claim for Pain & Suffering
Compensation for pain and suffering is separate from lost wages and medical expenses. However to ensure compensation for the claim, you must seek medical treatment for injuries surrounding your accident!

This is the only way to document symptoms and severity of injuries: provide the medical record evidence necessary to support your claim with the insurance company, alongside OTC and prescription drug receipts, missed work/activity logs, photos, and pain journals.

Fighting for pain and suffering compensation? The St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman can help you secure your future. Contact to learn more today.

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Tire Defect Causing Blow-Outs May Land Tire Makers in Court

Not all auto accidents are the result of neglect behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many of them are, but some could be the fault of companies who manufacture tires.

Blow-outs occur when tires fail, and cause drivers to lose control of their cars without notice. When you look at the remains, they can appear to be mangled. Unfortunately, this type of damage tends to occur all too often. As you might guess, it’s even worse when a blow-out happens to a commercial truck or tractor trailer. In cases like these, accidents are usually unavoidable, and they can even be fatal for anyone involved.

What Causes Tires to Fail?

There are a number of defects that could lead to a tire blow-out. Some of them include:

  • Normal wear and tear – tires that are worn out
  • Poor design/manufacturing of the tire
  • Workers who are overworked and through carelessness are producing defective products

No matter the reason behind tire failures, the resulting accidents are often tragic. Trucking companies and automobile owners need to be vigilant in ensuring that the vehicles they’re driving are safe to operate.

Contacting a St. Louis Car Accident Attorney if You’re in an Accident

If you’re in an accident because of a defective tire, a St. Louis car accident attorney can help you. We handle these types of cases all the time, and we know how to fight for proper compensation for you.

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Missouri Couple Sues Drivers for Tailgating Before Car Crash

Careless and aggressive drivers often assume their automobile insurance will protect them against any and all accident repercussions. But as the St. Louis car accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman know, insurance compensation alone is far from enough compensation for permanent injuries resulting from the careless actions of others. And one Missouri couple recently decided to seek justice.

Playing it Fast & Close
Missouri couple Dominic Harris and Cindy Stapleton-Harris filed a complaint on March 23 in the Madison County Circuit Court against defendants Paul Garbe and Matthew Skibinski, also of Madison County. The Plaintiffs Harris allege the two motorists, who rear-ended their vehicle in a chain-reaction event, took insufficient measures to prevent the resulting accident and injuries, failing to maintain proper control of their vehicles.

Life-Altering Consequences
The January 2016 accident occurred when the couple was stopped in traffic on Highway 70 in St. Louis County. Skibinski’s vehicle hit the couple’s vehicle after being rear-ended by defendant Garbe at the same time. The couple sustained injuries, pain and suffering that resulted in medical expenses and lost wages, and are seeking a trial-by-jury, as well as a judgement in their favor against defendants Garbe and Skibinski in excess of $25,000 each.

Don’t let the effects of careless drivers destroy your quality of life. Secure your future, holding those accountable responsible with the help of the St. Louis car accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman today.

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Department of Health Uncovers: 1-in-4 Cases of Serious Nursing Home Abuse Goes Unreported

This past August, Minnesota National Public Radio uncovered a sobering story. According to a recently released alert by the Department of Health’s Office of the Inspector General, a 25% of serious nursing home abuse cases go unreported, and the St. Louis injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want you to be aware of this alarming statistic.

Covering Up Crimes
State and federal laws require serious cases of abuse to be turned over to police by the nursing home facility within 2 hours of the incident. But unreported cases have prompted government investigators to release the alert despite an ongoing investigation, in hopes of more immediate attention. Some of these cases have included sexual assault and residents so severely injured that they required emergency treatment. Worse, some of the offending facilities cleaned victims and destroyed evidence.

Not Isolated
The DOH investigative team uncovered 134 cases of abuse and neglect from 2015-2016, all severe enough to require emergency treatment. Most involved sexual assault. The cases were widespread, involving 33 states, with Illinois leading the pack at 17. Seventy-two percent were reported within the 2-hour limit, but 28% were not.

Those cases that didn’t involve emergency treatment remain untraceable, so the reported incidents equate to a tiny representation of the country’s 1.4-million nursing home residents.

Do you fear that the system failed your loved one? Contact the St. Louis injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman today.

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Distracted Driving Accidents On the Rise – Don’t Be a Statistic

From munching fries to tuning the radio, talking on the phone and texting while driving, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of the continued rise in vehicle accidents nationwide. The St. Louis car accident lawyers at Hoffman & Gelfman know these seemingly short lapses in focus can too often lead to life-changing accidents, and want you to be aware of distracted driving dangers.

Keep Your Family and Other Motorists Safe with these Distracted Driving Safety Tips:

Plan ahead
Ensure plentiful time to reach your destination to avoid feeling rushed.

Pay attention to speed limits
Including speed limitations and changing traffic patterns caused by construction.

Avoid ALL distractions
Don’t talk on the phone or text while driving, and avoid eating and drinking on the road. Spills can easily result in accidents, especially with hot liquids. Pull over in a safe area to perform any necessary activities. Keep kids and pets securely buckled.

Be prepared.
Have a towing contact on hand in the event emergency roadside assistance is necessary.

Don’t blindly follow your GPS.
Accident reconstruction experts suggest this is an associated factor in many accidents.

Life is Filled with Distractions
But the lives of those around you depend on you staying focused and safe. Don’t become a statistic. Keep your eyes and mind on the road.

Questions about a distracted driving accident? Contact the St. Louis car accident lawyers at Hoffman & Gelfman today.

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Food and Drug Recalls are Cause for Concern for St. Louis Residents

When you pick up your medication at the pharmacy, you have every right to assume that it’s safe. After all, the FDA has very high standards for approving medication, don’t they? The same is true for the food you buy at the grocery store. If it’s on the shelf, it should be safe for it to be in your home, and eventually in your stomach.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Every month, it seems as though there’s another food and drug recall, and the reasons are sometimes astonishing. How is it that these medications and food items make it through what should be strict testing and into consumers’ hands? That’s a great question, and the FDA has yet to provide a satisfactory answer.

Your Rights as a Consumer

It’s impossible to catch all the food and drug recalls that are announced. There have been so many, and while you might be aware of some of them, you can’t get them all. So, what are your rights as a consumer?

You have the right to take legal action if you’re harmed because of a food or drug. As your St. Louis defective drug attorney, we can offer excellent legal representation for your case.

Please don’t think that there’s nothing you can do if you’re injured after taking a recalled drug or after eating food that’s been recalled. Contact a St. Louis defective drug attorney immediately.

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Person Fleeing Police Causes Fatal Car Accident

A driver attempting to flee a Florissant police officer caused a wreck that killed one person and critically injured another. The St. Louis auto accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman know the presence of police officers does not always equate to traffic safety, and want you to be aware of associated reckless driving dangers.

Unfortunate Left Turn
Traveling south on New Halls Ferry Road, the fleeing vehicle struck a car attempting a left turn onto Sugar Pine Drive, killing the car’s passenger and sending the 21-year-old driver to the hospital with critical injuries. The Florissant police had identified the vehicle as suspicious and were following at a distance. The 19-year-old driver was taken into custody at the scene, suffering only minor injuries.

Tips On Avoiding Aggressive Drivers
* Pay close attention to what’s happening around you at all times.
* Get out of the way, staying clear of speeding, swerving vehicles.
* Remain relaxed and calm to arrive safely at your destination.
* Don’t make eye contact with, gesture to, or otherwise challenge aggressive drivers.
* Realize drivers may be late, responding to an emergency, or simply distracted – aggressive tactics may not be directed at you.

Involved in an accident with a reckless driver? Seek justice, with the expert help of the St. Louis auto accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman. Contact us and schedule your consultation today.

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Three Children Killed in Car Rollover Accident

Car accidents in St. Louis that involve children are especially devastating. Even worse, most can be prevented, and the loss of these innocent lives is tragic. The Bellville News-Democrat recently reported on their website about a serious, fatal accident that took the lives of three children.

The accident occurred just prior to 9:30 pm. There were five people in the vehicle, including an eleven-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a three-year-old – none were wearing their seat belts – and all three children died in the collision. Fortunately, another eleven-year-old boy and the driver survived, but they sustained serious injuries.

The crash occurred when the driver lost control of the SUV as it was exiting the highway. It rolled several times but no other vehicles were involved in the accident. At the time of the article, there was still much to be determined. Police were not sure what caused the accident to happen. They were also uncertain as to whether or not the survivors were wearing their seat belts.

As your St. Louis auto accident attorney, we know that these types of accidents are tragic. If additional vehicles were involved, it could have been so much worse and even more people could have been injured or killed.

If you’re in an accident in St. Louis, you need professional help. A St. Louis auto accident attorney offers you the best chance of being compensated for your injuries, damages and losses.

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