Missouri Woman Enters Guilty Plea Following Fatal Car Crash

Car accidents happen for many reasons. Most of the time, those reasons are because one of the drivers was impaired, or simply made a bad driving decision. However, one forty-four-year-old woman has entered a plea of guilty after crashing her car into the vehicle of an elderly couple and killing them. Her reason for the guilty plea? She was high on Heroin at the time.

The woman states during her trial that she had driven to St. Louis to purchase Heroin capsules, and she had injected Heroin while she was driving. A few minutes later, she lost consciousness, and didn’t wake up until the crash occurred. At the time, she was suffering from a severe Heroin addiction, and according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, she spent thousands of dollars every month on the illegal drug.

Drugs like Heroin are deadly for the people who use them as well as for anyone who might come into their path while they’re high. This accident was such a tragedy, and it’s one that could have been avoided.

If you or a loved one is ever in a car accident because of the impairment or poor driving decisions of another driver, it’s important to contact a St. Louis auto accident attorney right away. You deserve to be compensated for your losses, and your attorney will work hard to get you the money you rightly deserve.

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Can Shopping at Dollar Stores Put Your Family in Danger?

Perhaps like many people, you often venture out to the local dollar store in an effort to save some money on the things you need for your home. Dollar stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree sell everything from cosmetics and cleaning supplies to toys and home decor items. Although you had good intentions, it’s possible that you might be getting more than you bargained for.

According to a recent news article, it has been found that some of the products and items sold in these stores may contain materials that could be hazardous to your health. Phthalates, lead and PVCs have been found in many of the items sold in dollar stores across the country. These harmful chemicals can cause cancer, learning disabilities, infertility and other ailments.

A few of the products that are thought to be effected include vinyl carpet runners, some types of bathroom decorations and even plastic straws that are designed to attract children. According to the article, almost all of the products that were tested were found to contain at least one of the chemicals. Dollar stores generally don’t have high standards and limits for these chemicals.

Dangerous products are a real cause for concern, and if you think you or a member of your family has been affected by one of them, please contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney to discuss your case right away.

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Argument Results in Fatal Car Crash in St. Louis

Most car accidents are caused because of a driver who made a poor decision. It’s very rare for crashes to occur because of something that occurred inside a car, but that is exactly what happened on I-55 recently.

According to the article on KMOV.com, five people were traveling along I-55 in St. Louis when an argument broke out inside the car between the driver and her boyfriend, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. During the disagreement, the woman threatened to crash the car. Moments later, she did exactly that.

One of the passengers in the vehicle was a sixty-year-old man, and authorities reported that he died at the scene of the car accident. The other occupants of the car were taken to a local hospital and treated for their injuries.

This was a tragic situation that could have been avoided. It is very clear that the driver of the car allowed her emotions to get the better of her while she was driving, which ultimately resulted in the crash.

Accidents occur for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes those accidents are the fault of the driver of the vehicle you’re in. As your St. Louis car accident attorney, these types of crashes deserve compensation. If you or someone you care about is ever in a situation or an accident like this one, please contact an attorney to discuss your case right away.

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No Jail Time for O’Fallon Teenager After Hit-and-Run

When young adults break the law, society often fears that punishing them too harshly will ruin the rest of their lives. Getting the wake-up call they deserve can be quite difficult.

O’Fallon resident Taylor Patrick, 18, recently entered a guilty plea and received a suspended sentence from a St. Charles County judge, according to the Post-Dispatch. The charge was a felony count of leaving the scene of an accident.

Patrick will not serve jail time if he successfully completes probation — and earns a high school diploma, per the judge’s order.

Last March, Patrick was driving on a neighborhood street without sidewalks. A couple of 15-year-olds were caught unable to get out of the way. The car struck a boy, who rolled over the hood. Impact was severe enough that Patrick’s Mazda had significant damage.

Patrick stopped the car and spoke to the victim and bystander, but panicked and fled. The witnesses later described Patrick and his vehicle to the police.

A high school classmate of Patrick found out about the incident from Patrick himself, and decided to tell authorities what she knew. It wasn’t long before Patrick had nowhere left to run.

In a serious hit-and-run accident, the criminal justice system only addresses part of the problem. What about the injuries and suffering caused by the victims? Your St. Louis auto accident attorney can help seek the justice you really need.

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Family Reaches $260,000 Settlement with Lincoln County Jail

The same county jail that allowed an inmate to fatally overdose on medications in 2008 has recently reached a settlement in another inmate fatality. The family of the late Terry Marler agreed to a $260,000 settlement with the Lincoln County Jail, the city of Troy, and one Troy police officer.

Before his arrest, Marler was on serious medications and had been known to make suicidal threats. His wife called police when he entered a rage in August of 2011. By the time police arrested Marler, he had hit, choked, and cut his wife with a knife.

Shortly after his arrest, Mrs. Marler told authorities about her husband’s suicidal tendencies and medications.

The police officer took Marler’s medications from his wife but did not convey any information about suicidal threats to jail authorities.

Lincoln County Jail guards and other inmates allegedly heard Marler make credible threats of suicide.

Soon after threatening to take his own life, Marler did so by hanging himself with clothing. This was yet another case of government negligence, failing to respond to threats of violence and self-harm.

Such a tragic outcome could happen in a hospital, nursing home, or anywhere that troubled people are left under the supervision of others. If a loved one ever gets put in harm’s way by people employed to look after them, talk to your St. Louis injury attorney about seeking damages for negligence.

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Man Sues Alton Surgeon for Leaving Bone Chips Behind After Surgery

After you have surgery, you assume that everything is going to be fine. You plan to heal, go back to work, and resume your regular activities. This was not the case for one Wood River man, who is now suing after an Alton surgeon reportedly left chips of bone behind after operating on the man’s sinus cavity, nasal passages and other areas.

According to the article on TheTelegraph.com, the surgery was originally supposed to be fairly routine. Afterwards, the man, who used to be a truck driver, began complaining of incredible pain at the surgery site and in the surrounding tissues. The surgeon did not warn him of a possible infection, and didn’t prescribe any antibiotics to guard against infection. Instead, he advised his patient that the issue would resolve itself in time.

His pain continued to increase and he started experiencing other symptoms as well. His family doctor admitted him to the hospital for treatment, but admits that there is no surgery that will undo the damage that has been done.

This story is tragic, but unfortunately, it’s also very common. Perhaps you can relate, and you or someone you love is dealing with issues following a surgical procedure that just don’t make sense. It’s possible that you could have a medical malpractice lawsuit, but you’ll never know unless you talk with a qualified St. Louis medical malpractice attorney to discuss your case.

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Missouri Woman Drives Off Second Floor of Parking Garage

A quick look at any number of St. Louis news stories is a clear indicator that bizarre accidents can occur at any time. This was certainly the case for one Missouri woman who drove her car off of the second story of a parking garage in Chesterfield.

According to the story on the KSDK.com website, the woman’s car flipped over and she was trapped inside until emergency personnel were able to come to the scene. The details behind the accident are not clear, so it’s difficult to say if her actions were intentional or not. Investigators were still working on the case at the time this article was posted.

This situation raises many questions that must be asked. Why was it possible for a vehicle to drive off the second story of the parking garage? Why were the barriers not reinforced? What might have happened if there were people standing or walking by on the ground below that location?

These are questions we may never know the answer to, but as your St. Louis personal injury attorney, it’s important to note the danger that was avoided in this scenario. It’s also important to note the actions you should take if you’re ever involved in any type of accident, bizarre or not.

Talking with an attorney is the best way to protect your rights and get compensated if you are in an accident of any kind.

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Parents Arrested After Family Pit Bull Attacks and Kills Their Daughter

There are some breeds of dogs that are more dangerous than others. Pit bulls, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinchers are known to be more aggressive at times, even if they’re raised in loving homes.

According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, the parents of a twenty-two-month-old girl were arrested recently following her death in August 2014. The toddler had been attacked by the family’s pit bull mix, and was taken to a local hospital for her injuries. She died in the hospital two days later.

The family stated that the dog had demonstrated an aversion to the small child, even urinating on her laundry and whining when she would try to play with him. They kept the dog shut in a room at night and during other times of the day to restrict its access to the girl. According to court documents, the dog had previously bitten one of the other children in the home as well.

Dog bites are very serious; especially if a dog has bitten someone in the past. Dogs that demonstrate aggressive behavior should be avoided at all costs, however, not everyone feels this is necessary. As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we want to caution you to stay away from stray animals or those that don’t appear safe.

If you are bitten by a dog, please report it right away, and contact us to discuss your case.

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Multitude of Deadly St. Louis Crashes Claim Many Lives

It’s rare for so many serious car accidents to occur in one night, but that is precisely what happened recently in St. Louis. According to the article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, at least five people died in one night as a result of several different accidents all across the St. Louis area.

The accidents were widespread, so they were completely unrelated; although they all occurred within four and a half hours of each other. One of the crashes happened when a vehicle hit an overpass. The car burst into flames and two people died. Another incident was the result of a car swerving to avoid hitting an oncoming car. Two pedestrians were walking nearby, and they were both killed when they were hit. In a third accident, a tractor trailer was attempting to get off the road after blowing a tire. His truck was rear-ended, and the driver of that car died as a result of the crash.

All of these accidents were tragic, however, they are also a clear indicator of how important it is to remain aware and careful, whether you’re driving or you’re walking. As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we want to urge you to be cautious, no matter where or how you’re traveling this winter. If you’re injured in an accident, please contact an attorney who can advise you on your case. Above all, please be safe.

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Fatality Caused by a Truck Accident May Be Grounds for a Lawsuit

Statistics show that most fatal car accidents involve other cars, and not trucks. However, that doesn’t mean that trucking accident fatalities do not occur. Roughly one percent of all trucking accidents result in a fatality, which is about double the percentage of fatalities in car crashes. Even the most learned professional driver can make a costly mistake that can result in serious injury or even death for someone driving in a car, and this type of accident might be grounds for a lawsuit.

Professional truckers have to follow special laws from the Department of Transportation when they’re on the road. These laws are designed to protect them as well as other drivers on the road. For example, they are not permitted to drive for more than fourteen hours at a stretch. The DOT does permit them to drive for sixteen hours one day a week in an emergency situation only. Truck drivers who do not adhere to this rule can become fatigued while they’re driving, and that’s very dangerous.

Professional drivers should be held to a higher standard than other drivers. Perhaps you’ve been in a truck accident recently, or you know someone who has been killed or injured by a careless truck driver. Please contact a St. Louis truck accident attorney right away. Filing a lawsuit is the only way to get the compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical bills and lost property.

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