Toddler Dies in Car Crash in St. Louis

When you’re a parent, there’s nothing that can compare to losing a child. It’s the most heart breaking, devastating experience imaginable. One mother is currently in stable condition after an accident in St. Louis. However, her daughter, who was three years old, did not survive.

According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, the toddler’s mother was driving her 2006 Hummer H3 when she was cut off by a Mercedes-Benz. Once this occurred, the mother hit another vehicle and slid out of control. She struck a median and the Hummer rolled over onto its side.

The toddler was ejected from the Hummer, and the police were not clear about whether or not she had been buckled properly into her car seat. Even so, this is clearly a case of reckless driving on the part of the driver of the Mercedes-Benz, and this accident certainly could have been prevented.

The mother and her daughter are the victims in this case, and they deserve to be compensated. A St. Louis car accident attorney can assist with helping the mother understand her rights so that she knows how to proceed.

In the same way, if you’re the victim of a car accident, please contact your St. Louis car accident attorney to ask for help. You don’t have to fight this battle on your own, and the right legal representation is necessary to protect your legal rights.

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2 Men Die and 1 Escapes Injury After Accident Near St. Louis

Unfortunately, there are accidents that involve more than one vehicle, and sometimes victims don’t walk away from them. This was the case recently near St. Louis when a three-car accident took the lives of two of the drivers, according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website.

The article states that the crash took place in the middle of the afternoon on Missouri Highway 30. A twenty-three-year-old driver was attempting to change lanes with his Ford Ranger when his vehicle struck a Chevy Silverado. The Silverado, which was driven by a fifty-four-year-old man, crossed a grass median and overturned. However, the driver was not injured. A second crash occurred when the Ranger crossed into oncoming traffic and overturned. A third driver hit the Ranger with his vehicle, and both men died at the scene of the crash.

From the sounds of the article, careless or reckless driving were probably to blame for this accident, and the surviving driver has the right to file a case. Many drivers in cases like this one find that they suffer from injuries later on, or they want to be compensated for damages to their vehicles.

If you’re in an accident, your St. Louis personal injury attorneys can help you. We understand the law, and we’ll fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys if you’d like to discuss your case.


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Overturned Tractor Trailer Causes Traffic Pileup in St. Louis: Injuries Avoided

Tractor trailers can be so unpredictable when they’re on the road. Many trucking companies set quotas and expectations that are much too high for truckers to meet without breaking the law, and as a result, accidents often happen.

It’s difficult to say what caused one tractor trailer to overturn recently in St. Louis, but that’s exactly what happened. The semi truck is shown on video on the Fox2News website, and it appears that a white substance was leaking out over the highway, shutting down several lanes of traffic for quite some time. Fortunately, there were no other cars injured as a result of this accident. However, this is a crash that certainly could have gone much worse.

The video depicts footage of the truck driver being carried into an ambulance on a stretcher, and it is unclear as to whether or not he fell asleep while driving, was texting while he was driving, or had some other issue that led to the crash.

As your St. Louis truck accident attorney, we want to caution you to be extremely careful when you’re traveling along St. Louis roadways; especially when you see tractor trailers. An accident can happen at any time. If you are in an accident with a semi truck, contact your St. Louis truck accident attorney immediately. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and the damages to your vehicle. We’ll help you and aggressively fight for a fair insurance settlement.

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Nursing Home Nurse is Arrested for Neglect and Abuse

When you have a loved one in a nursing home, you want to do your very best to ensure that he or she receives the proper care. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, neglect and abuse can occur anyway.

According to a recent news article, a nursing home nurse is being charged with neglect and abuse of an incapacitated adult. The original report was for an assault, and the article does not expressly state what happened to the nursing home patient that resulted in the arrest. Even so, investigators are bringing charges against this nurse. The article states that the patient has been diagnosed with dementia.

The State of Missouri has some laws in place that can help to protect patients in nursing homes. Video cameras are permitted to be installed by families so that they can monitor their family members. However, not every family has the means to do this, and they trust that their loved ones are in good hands.

This type of thing can happen in St. Louis, and if you feel that your loved one has been abused or neglected, contacting a St. Louis nursing home neglect attorney is your best course of action. We can help you understand the best way to proceed. Your St. Louis nursing home neglect attorney has your loved one’s best interests at heart, and will be able to advise you about your rights as family members.

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St. Louis Woman Dies Because of Missed Breast Cancer Diagnosis

One St. Louis man is grieving the death of his wife after a missed breast cancer diagnosis, according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website.

The article states that the woman was sixty-two years old when she died, but her death could have been avoided if her breast cancer had been caught with the first mammogram. The images from the mammogram were poor quality, and instead of having her repeat them, the woman’s doctor stated that she had nothing to worry about.

In fact, it wasn’t until her primary doctor called for additional tests that the couple was aware something was wrong. The tests found that her liver was enlarged, and the small mass that had been present during the first mammogram had multiplied. She passed away just two months after the additional tests were ordered.

It’s not possible to say that she would have survived with a proper diagnosis, but her husband filed a lawsuit because many patients do survive when their cancers are caught in the first stage.

As your St. Louis medical malpractice attorney, we want to protect your rights as a patient, or as the family member of a patient who has been misdiagnosed. It’s important to consult with a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney to discuss your case if you feel that you’ve been a victim. We understand the law and your rights in cases like this.

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Dogs Get Loose and Bite Multiple People: It Could Happen in St. Louis

Most of the time, when dogs get loose, they run through a neighborhood until a friendly neighbor catches them and contacts the owner so that they’re returned. That was not what happened in this case, according to a recent news article.

The three dogs were a German shepherd mix and two Shar-pei’s, which are not the types of dogs you would expect to bite randomly. Police officers and animal control personnel worked very hard to contain the dogs safely, without causing them any harm. During this particular occasion, three different people suffered from bites because of these dogs, and police are investigating a fourth bite that happened prior to this.

The owner was contacted, and he faces three counts of violating the leash law, and fines and possible jail time because of the injuries his dogs caused. Not to mention that he also could face possible law suits. The article does not give any information about a court date.

If you’re bitten by a dog, your St. Louis dog bite attorney is on your side. It’s important to find out what your rights are in this type of situation, because St. Louis has leash laws and laws to protect people from dog bites as well. Contacting a St. Louis dog bite attorney is the best way to know how you should proceed, and if you’re injured, we’ll work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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FDA Recalls Constipation Drug Because of Risk of Serious Infection

Digestive problems are one of the main reasons people go to the doctor, and when they go, they expect to be given a medication that will help them. Among all of the different digestive issues that patients complain of, constipation has to be among the most common. It would make sense that there would be many different medications to choose from in order to help.

According to a recent article on the In-Pharma Technologist website, a popular constipation drug was recently recalled by the FDA because of several bacterial infections that resulted across several states in the U.S. The medication is called Diocto Liquid, and its use has been linked to forty-six cases of B. cepacia. Once the recall was issued, the CDC warned that doctors not prescribe any liquid stool softener for their patients whatsoever as a precaution.

It’s possible that further scrutiny of this issue is warranted because several other cases of B. cepacia were reported after the recall was issued.

As your St. Louis defective drug attorney, we keep a close eye on these types of drug recalls. You have the right to assume that your medications should work the way they’re supposed to, and if you are having strange symptoms, it’s important to report them. You may even need legal representation. If you’re concerned, please contact a St. Louis defective drug attorney so that you can discuss your case in detail.

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Roadway Accident Injures St. Louis Man

Quite often, people will travel along various Missouri roadways, come to a stop sign, stop and then go without taking notice of any oncoming traffic. Many of them travel their usual roads almost every day, and so their driving behavior becomes more like a habit than a task that they spend time thinking about.

According to a recent article on the Leader Publications website, one St. Louis man was injured because another driver failed to check for oncoming traffic after stopping at a stop sign. The accident occurred on a Sunday afternoon at an intersection in the Arnold area. Missouri State Police responded to the call when it came in.

The victim in this case was a twenty-eight-year-old man, and the 2011 Hyundai Sonata he had been driving was totaled. The man sustained moderate injuries and was taken to a local hospital.

This accident is an excellent example of a case that needs to be discussed with St. Louis personal injury attorneys. The victim did not make any bad driving decisions, and the article is not completely clear about why the accident occurred, other than the other driver proceeded through the stop sign without checking for oncoming traffic.

If you or someone you love is in a similar situation, please know that you have options. Contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys to learn what those options are so you know what you should do.

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Is Planned Parenthood in Missouri Going to Be Cited for Medical Malpractice?

There is no denying the fact that for the past several months all eyes have been on Planned Parenthood clinics all across the United States. However, the State of Missouri recently discovered some information about the state’s Planned Parenthood clinics that was quite alarming.

According to an article on the website, Planned Parenthood has been participating in some practices that would be unheard of at other medical clinics. Some of the information they found included clinics that were using harmful, illegal chemicals during abortion procedures, and doctors and staff who cautioned patients not to call 911 if they had an emergency after a botched abortion.

These discoveries raised some serious red flags for state officials, and because of the terrible record keeping practices found in these clinics, officials aren’t sure how many women are suffering from complications following their procedures.

As your St. Louis medical malpractice attorney, we want you to know that we always keep ourselves informed about these types of developments in the news. It’s our job to protect the citizens of St. Louis, and if you’ve recently had a procedure at a Missouri Planned Parenthood clinic, and you’ve suffered from complications, please know that you do have rights.

Contact a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney to discuss your options for your case. We will be happy to help you, and we’ll fight hard to get you the compensation you truly deserve.

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One-Car Accident in St. Louis County Kills Driver

Car accidents in St. Louis county are a regular part of the news, and quite often they can be deadly. In a recent article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, the driver of a Dodge Charger was killed after his vehicle left the roadway while making a turn on Missouri Highway 367.

The article states that the Charger crashed through a guardrail before overturning and going down an embankment. Fortunately, the driver didn’t have any passengers in the car with him and there were no pedestrians standing nearby. At the time the article was published, authorities were still investigating the cause of the accident, which happened at approximately 4:10 in the morning. However, there’s no denying that this terrible wreck could have been much worse.

As your St. Louis car accident attorney, we like to call attention to these types of stories because passengers and pedestrians don’t always realize they have rights if they’re involved in car accidents. If you’re a victim of any kind of accident, then it’s important for you to talk to someone about your case. You do have rights, and as a victim you have a right to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

This accident was tragic, but fortunately, no one else was hurt. If you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact a St. Louis car accident attorney to find out how to protect your rights.

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